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This 1994 Mitsubishi 3000 GT, owned by justin-vr4, has an estimated 320 horsepower. Check out some of the pictures and ratings of this Tuner Car below, as well as other info about this ride.

1994 Mitsubishi 3000 GT - justin-vr4

"GTO Twin Turbo"

1994 Mitsubishi 3000 Gt 1
Owner:   justin-vr4
Year: 1994
Make: Mitsubishi
Model: 3000 GT
Est.Horsepower: 300
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1994 3000gt VR4. Stock engine, with about 160k miles on it. Stock td04 turbos for now. 2.5" down and 3" back full IPS exhaust. All-wheel steering and active aero have been disabled. Rear spoiler has been replaced with a 97' "hoop" wing. Rear center garnish reads GTO.

The car was black with blacked out headlights and 8%(!) tint. I removed the tint on the side windows and headlights, repaired the body panels and repainted the car Panama Green.

Next up will be replacing the torn black&tan leather interior, then replacing/rebuilding the engine and upgrading to 16g turbos and a front-mount. I may be replacing the stock electronic controled suspension with Tein Flex.

Baab | New User
Posts: 10 | Joined 11/18/08
Posted: 08/27/09 02:56 PM

Very nice!
oli_826 | New User
Posts: 7 | Joined 05/16/09
Posted: 05/19/09 06:59 AM

very clean ride bro, very nice engine & exhaust
suprakid9 | Guru
Posts: 901 | Joined 04/29/08
Posted: 05/13/09 11:58 PM

looking good keep it up  Smirk
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