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This 1987 Toyota Cressida, owned by TwoJayZee, has an estimated 410 horsepower. Check out some of the pictures and ratings of this Tuner Car below, as well as other info about this ride.

1987 Toyota Cressida - TwoJayZee


1987 Toyota Cressida My Ultimate Sleeper 2Way Twin Turbo
Owner:   TwoJayZee
Year: 1987
Make: Toyota
Model: Cressida
Est.Horsepower: 410
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TwoJayZee has other ride profile(s):
87' Cressida with a Aristo 2JZGTE swap, THE ULTIMATE SLEEPER. Only MX73 with this engine in the USA that I'm aware of.
The 2JZGTE is bone stock with about 80k KM. on it when installed. The engine is running Mobil 1 oil, one step colder NGK Iridium IX plugs, and stock boost (14psi). When installed the timing belt was replaced, hydrofan pump was replaced with a OEM Toyota JZA80 water pump, new accessory drive belt, new valve cover breather lines, new coil connectors. OEM Toyota red coolant in the all aluminum after-market JZA80 radiator with a C-One cooler sports thermostat, twin 14" electric fans. OEM Toyota Type-IV  fluid in the stock trans. Custom driveline with replaceable Spicer U-joints. Stock open diff. with Redline oil. 4" front mount intercooler with 3" piping.  B&M trans. cooler. Greddy Profec boost controller. Turbo back 3" mild steel exhaust with small converter and Magnaflow truck muffler. Sounds very good, not loud , no drone.
Runs the stock JZS147 ecu, still has the stock JDM boost and speed cuts. Uses a 2JZGE fuel pump control for the single Walbro 255 in the tank, using the stock sized fuel lines. A/C works using R12 and a 92' SC300 compressor.  New battery at time of swap. New fog lights and front turn signals. New master cylinder. Rebuilt calipers all around with new rotors. DOT approved S.S. brake lines. DOT 4 fluid. New BFG tires including spare. Stock springs with one coil clamped on the rear set. Tokico HP blues all around.
Cruise control and heated mirrors work! Everything else also works with the exception of the tape player. Has water temp., boost, trans. temp. gauges along with a Innovate AFR. Vented hood. Has rare 26C paint code, two-tone gray only available for 87'. Rear M5 style lip on rear. Silverstar Ultra headlight bulbs.

This family sedan is very fast, guessing low 13's high 12's

TwoJayZee | New User
Posts: 5 | Joined 06/04/09
Posted: 06/05/09 09:54 AM

Thank you Suprakid!
suprakid9 | Guru
Posts: 901 | Joined 04/29/08
Posted: 06/05/09 01:52 AM

Looking good  Smirk
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1989 Toyota Cressida
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