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This 2008 Scion TC, owned by gqqse13, has an estimated 180 horsepower. Check out some of the pictures and ratings of this Tuner Car below, as well as other info about this ride.

2008 Scion TC - gqqse13


2008 Scion Tc 1
Owner:   gqqse13
Year: 2008
Make: Scion
Model: TC
Est.Horsepower: 170
Page Views: 3156
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my car is a continuous build that seems to change from year to year; with changes consisting of new body mods, stereo set ups, interior fabrication and things of that sort. it's working its way to becoming a full show car from a fun custom daily driver. the car has a little bit of everything from bolt on performance, engine bay enhancements, suspension, wheels, brakes, stereo, rear seat delete/full suede wraped interior, seats, gauges, ect...with plenty more to come. a majority of the modifications have been done by myself with help of friends with very little been done by a shop (paint and body work only). the interior has been changed many times to get the perfect set up as done with the stereo to get the perfect balance of sound pitch and bass without the typical rattling and vibration from subwoofers. the exterior tends to change from year to year depending on the beaten its taken on the road. its been driven to shows from everywhere including, memphis,tn; cedar rapids, ia, milwaukee; st louis, indianapolis, columbus, oh; chicago and many places in between.

gqqse13 | New User
Posts: 3 | Joined 05/21/11
Posted: 12/11/11 02:10 PM; make sure to check for all updates, past show appearances/awards, upcoming show stops and mods
gqqse13 | New User
Posts: 3 | Joined 05/21/11
Posted: 11/01/11 06:13 PM

AccordTuned | New User
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Posted: 06/02/11 07:21 PM

Nice car. If you are looking for parts checkout Wixs Tuner Directory at They have special discounts and links to sites that have a lot of car parts at low price and its totally free. Really nice car.
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