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This 2006 Infiniti G35, owned by skeptikracer1, has an estimated 0 horsepower. Check out some of the pictures and ratings of this Tuner Car below, as well as other info about this ride.

2006 Infiniti G35 - skeptikracer1

2006 Infiniti G35 Skeptik Innovations
Owner:   skeptikracer1
Year: 2006
Make: Infiniti
Model: G35
Est.Horsepower: 0
Page Views: 828
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skeptikracer1 has other ride profile(s):
06 g35.  this car has been a dream car of mine for a while and i finally got my hands on one!  mods include full manifolds/exhaust, intake, accent lighting, upgraded navigation/dvd/sat/rear camera/ipod/ system, carbon accents,rims, etc..

future upgrades are lowering springs..

a main difference in this car to any other g35/ 350 z is the dash lights.  custom modified by Molans Customs to change color and have fading and strobing patterns!!!  all the dash lights from the main dash, to the radio sections have been changed.  i have added accent lighting under the doors, under the dash, behind the door handles, and red led's in the mirrors with the turn signals.  

the dash required the de-soldering of every led, and the resoldering of a new set up.  enjoy.

Skeptik Innovations with Molans Customs~ Built not bought.
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