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This 1993 Nissan 300ZX, owned by falcon300ZX, has an estimated 240 horsepower. Check out some of the pictures and ratings of this Tuner Car below, as well as other info about this ride.

1993 Nissan 300ZX - falcon300ZX


1993 Nissan 300Zx West Seattle Over Looking Downto
Owner:   falcon300ZX
Year: 1993
Make: Nissan
Model: 300ZX
Est.Horsepower: 240
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Hello Ladies/ Gentlemen,
 This is my occasionally driver Fairlady Z32. It is not that Snazzy compared to some of our members' rides. But, it sure has gotten lots of attention around the Z club and at the beach. SHe is HOT, and she knows it all to well, run on the beach topless when the weather is nice out.
those days are only counted for around 90+ days of a year in Seattle

* WON, first Place, the best in show in MODIFIED class Z32 in my club *
So Happy, thank you guys.

Fairlady Z32 Convertible    : $11,000
Parts and labour            : $10,000  Shocked


-   99 J-Spec Z32 front Frasier conversion with custom turn signal lights wiring

-      NISMO side skirt and rear mud guard

-      NISMO rear tail-light set.

-      Z1 motorsports carbon-fiber air ducts.

Wheel and Tires (STAGGER)

-   Enkei DWM 18' FR / 18’ RR

-   225/45/18 * 8.5 Continental Xtreme contact DWS

-   245/45/18 * 9.5 Continental Xtreme contact DWS

-   Semi-Anodized Coated F/R caliper with stainless steel braided lines

-   TEIN MONO-FLEX coilover

-   BAER Eradispeed 13' FR racing rotor set (2-pieces) with aluminum hat


-   MOMO EVO Millennium steering wheel

-   RAZO RA96L 340g shift knob

-   AMS short shifter

-   NA brand racing pedal covers

-       MOMO Foot rest pedal

-   Premier DEH-P980BT

-   Premier TS-D650 Basalt-Tech speakers

-   Polk Audio DB1001 tweeters

-      Z1 guage rings


-   (UR) Unpredictable under-drive pulley 4 pieces set, squeaks when it wants to

-   Custom clutch fan removal kit with adjustable temperature sensor switch

-   Z1 aluminum radiator coolant pipe

-   HKS D1 series oil cap

-   HKS D1 series coolant cap

-   Ebay aluminum radiator cover plate

-   Stillen mass air intake kit

-   Stillen, Steve Millen, Signature Series 15lbs. NA lightweight flywheel
            (Not yet installed)

-   Exedy Clutch

-   Nismo pilot bushing

-   Nismo chromoly clutch pivot ball

-   Z1 1-piece light weight aluminum driveshaft

-   Stillen exhaust manifold wrapped around in fiber-glass high heat protection cloth

-   Stillen middle exhaust pipes

-   Blitz Realize TT (Jasma Spec.) rare from Japan.
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