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This 2011 Subaru Impreza, owned by 1slowsti, has an estimated 574 horsepower. Check out some of the pictures and ratings of this Tuner Car below, as well as other info about this ride.

2011 Subaru Impreza - 1slowsti

2011 Subaru Impreza Stock Exterior
Owner:   1slowsti
Year: 2011
Make: Subaru
Model: Impreza
Est.Horsepower: 574
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Vehicle: 2011 Subaru Sti Sedan
Where: TPG Tuning (Blairsville, Pa)
Date: December 6, 2012
Dyno: Mustang 500AWD
Tuner: Nate @ TPG Tuning
ECU: COBB AccessPort (Speed/Density Update)
Fuel: Pump E70
Psi: 31!!!
HP: 574!!!
TQ: 591!!!

Vigilant Motorsports Track Series Short Block:
2.5 Liter STi semi-closed deck case
Modified forged EJ257 crankshaft
High Performance Main & Rod Bearings
Pauter 4340 Chrome-Moly Forged Rods
CP Forged Pistons w/ Moly Coated Skirts
Fully Balanced & Blueprinted
8,500 Rev Limit Recommended

STi Dual-AVCS Cylinder Heads
Custom Hand Porting Work
Ferrea 1mm+ Valves
Ferrea Drag Racing Springs
Ferrea Retainers & Lockers
Kelford 220-D camshafts

ARP Case Bolts
ARP L-19 Head Studs
Full Subaru OEM Gasket Kit
Subaru OEM Head Gaskets
Cosworth High Pressure Oil Pump
Gates Ultimate Timing Kit
Tomei Timing Belt Guide
Killer B Oil Pick-up Tube
Killer B Windage Tray

AMS Performance 900X Turbo Kit:
AMS Spec Precision Ball-Bearing Turbocharger V-Band Turbine(Ceramic coated @ Justin's Powdercoating) w/ .82 ar
AMS Cast Stainless Steel Up-Pipe w/ 44mm EWG Flange(Ceramic coated @ Justin's Powdercoating)
AMS 3" Catless Stainless Steel Downpipe w/ Flex Section
Tial 44mm V-Band Wastegate
TPG Tuning 4" Intake Sytem w/ K&N Cone Filter
Curt Brown Port/Polished Intake Manifold

AMS Performance Front-Mount Intercooler w/ 3" Charge-Pipe
Perrin Performance Equal-Length Manifold(Ceramic coated @ Justin's Powdercoating)
Invidia Q300 (Titanium Tips) Catback Exhaust
Grimmspeed TGV Deletes
Grimmspeed TGV Spacers
Perrin Performance Top-Feed Fuel Rails
Fuel Injector Clinic 2150cc Injectors
DeatschWerks 300LPH In-Tank Fuel Pump
Fuelab Prodigy Series In-line Fuel Pump
Russell Pro-Classic -8 & -6 fuel Lines
Fuelab fuel Pressure Regulator
Hallman RX Manual Boost Controller

Stock 6-Speed Transmission
ACT 6-Puck Clutch Disc
ACT XTreme Duty Pressure Plate
ACT Street-Lite Flywheel

Thanks To The Following:
Nate @ TPG Tuning
Jason @ TPG Tuning
Sean @ Vigilant Motorsports
Josh @ Import Image Racing
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